"If your business is not on the Internet then your business will be out of business", said Bill Gates, This is quite true as Internet positioning is very important nowadays and any company's sucess depends on the quality of such positioning. We, MediaCuprum team, represent a tool for achieiving an efficient online placement.
We develop websites of any complexity and themes, from online visit card to multilingual trade platforms. Our specialists thoroughly construct landing pages that represents a powerfull instrument enhancing marketing and advertising efificiency and plays a vital role in attracting the right audience. Sometimes landing page can function as an independent microwebsite and be your corporate online visit card.
Let us describe some of the most popular types of a website. Business card website is a small website including just one or several pages. It contains information on its holder, goods or services provided, price-lists and contact details.

Such a website can inlude dynamic (graphics, annimation, flash) and/or static (text, icons, photoes)elements.
Catalogue is a website consisting of a number of webpages that contain information on a list of products with detailed description, photoes and articles. Such a website is a nice choice for our clients engaged in retail or wholesale business.
E-shop is a website helping our clients to sell goods or services via Internet. Such a site can help your customers to make orders online or using a mobile application and pay choosing the most convinient form of payment and delivery.
Of course, any website can represetn a mixture of the abovementioned and inlude some specific elements and traits and SEO tools. Fill in our brief form for a website creation and our specialist will choose the righ way of your webpresentation.


We always start a new website development with discussion of a technical task (brief for website creation). It's an important step because here we can reveal the most significant traits and identity correct SEO options for a perfect website creation. Perfect development is reached when we have a fruitful symbiosis of our client's ideas, aspirations, our creative and professional approach, SEO insruments and options incorporated in a efficient website with a sound e-positioning..


We create image hoewever we never forget about the contents. Our specialist use individual approach and pay attention to minor details when writing a definite content. Texts and articles, descriptions and slogans, all of them should attract the right target audience. Keeping the attention of your potential client is vital because as much he or she sits on your website the more real becomes the transaction.


Developing a website one should think of a result it can achieve. MediaCuprum specialists love their job and try to use sound techniques and develop new to achieve the highest goals. Individual approach, time saving procedures, up-to-date tools and instruments lead to a successful positioning and thus entail more profitable financial situation of a business..


Please send us your inquiry via this form, e-mail or call us and we'll do our best to help you in building your sucessful future.