Website promotion includes a number of methods and techniques used to increase the number of your website visitor and to keep them there as long as possible. There is a huge number of SEO tools and instruments. Quite often happens we need to chose the correct combination of such to achive the required target. In orfer to help our client understand better what are the SEO methods we can roughly descibe some of them:

  • Search engine optimization is used to place your site on a top position within definite search application and programs.
  • Media advertising - banner adds on different websites.
  • Target adds in social networks - showing advertising to certain category of users, depending on theid interests, sex or age.
  • Search advertising - showing adds for users who, at this moment, are interested in definite products or services.
  • Video and mobile applications.
  • E-mail marketing - sending useful information via email for users who gived their consent for recieving such information.
  • Content marketing - atrracting audience due to a useful or interesting content.
  • SMM - creation of a loyal auditory in social networks via publication of useful information and a fruitful interaction with potential customers.

How does MediaCuprum start a website promotion? First of all, we thorougly study the existing content (or we create the perfect one from the SEO point of view), analyze its elements to define the right promotion direction.
Our team defines your current website traffic, makes necessary corrections and estimates positbilities for website optimizations. Then we process with the list of tags, offer valuable recommendations, discuss the budget and the dealines.
Then we work with your website upgrading, eliminate existing mistakes, modify or make some additions into the content, if neccessary, correctly set the web analytics and so some hosting optimization etc.
We analyze your website consumer traffic, search systems used by them, their interests and compare the number of orders or calls from the website with the number of views and/or time spent on the website.
Therefore, Mediacuprum not only helps you to keep active your potential clients but also analyzes target audience and helps you in finding new customers.


MediaCuprum offers a sound positioninig depending on the set targets, client's preferences and budget. We work in tight colaboration with our clients and are open to discussions. Our team loves its job and can easily work with any client, even with those who know nothing in SEO. We build the road to your success in e-space that can be transformed into a real corporate treasure.


We use a mixture of SEO methods and techniques to catch the attention of the correct target audience. We increase the flow of potentioal customers and even generate new leads. Thus we increase your sales and create a perfect image.


We do love our job and can offer different SEO packages. Our top quality products are usually highly appreciated by our clients. MediaCuprum team can help you to make a correct choise of SEO instruments to increase your sales or create a perfect corporate image. And we'll do all this at a reasonable price without offering unnecessary options or SEO tools:


Please send us your inquiry via this form, e-mail or call us and we'll do our best to help you in building your sucessful future.